BEST SELLER! Choose Your Initial Pendants 20.00
  1. Choose Your Initial Pendant 20.00
    Choose Your Initial Pendant 20.00
Specialty Items

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  1. Black typewriter key bracelet antique jewelry repurposed
    Classic Black Bracelet
  2. Hugs Kisses Typewriter Bracelet
    X & O "Hugs and Kisses" Bracelet
  3. Vintage Antique Typewriter Bracelet
    Classic Ivory Bracelet
  4. typewriter keys repurposed jewelry
    Amber Brown & Butter Bracelet
  5. Wordsmith typewriter bracelet
    Multi-Color Bracelet
  6. antique typewriter bracelet
    Black & Butter Bracelet
  7. Additional Selection. Contact us!
    Additional Selection. Contact us!
  8. Additional Selection
    Additional Selection
  9. Additional Selection
    Additional Selection
  10. Title 10
    Title 10
Custom Order Samples (Base price 100.00, contact for quote)
​Specialty Pieces
  1. Riddler Gotham Ed Nygma Tie Bar
    Riddler Gotham Ed Nygma Tie Bar
  2. Ribbon Key Necklace
    Ribbon Key Necklace
  3. Shift Lock Necklace
    Shift Lock Necklace
  4. Leather Necklace Fraction
    Steampunk XO Necklace
  5. Back Space Necklace
    Back Space Necklace
  6. X & O Mom Lapel/Scarf Pin
    X & O Mom Lapel/Scarf Pin
  1. earrings
    Shift Lock Earrings
  2. Retro Earrings
    Retro Earrings
  3. Weathered Tan Earrings
    Weathered Tan Earrings
  4. X & O Earrings
    X & O Earrings
  5. Fraction Earrings
    Fraction Earrings
  6. Shift Key Earrings
    Shift Key Earrings